Monday, 23 July 2012

The first of my Olympic Shoots!


I have to admit that working for MAC was probably one of thee best jobs I have ever done.  Not just because I love both the brand and products but because of how much I learned about black skin in the process.  The job of make-up artists is one that I find very intriguing and I can truly see why so many in the industry love their job.  every face is a brand new canvas and no two faces are ever the same!  Here are some pics from my three day shoot and workshops for MAC Cosmetics.

Edinburgh Film Festival Fun!

This year's Edinburgh Film Festival as always was a menagerie of red carpets, amazing films and fabulous red carpets.  
My favorite film of all this year had to be the new kids animation 'Brave'.  

The premier was held in Edinburgh with guests staying at the luxurious Balmoral Hotel.  This is a must see fun and fantastic film so please do go and see it and don't forget to take the kids too!!!!!,,