Thursday, 26 January 2012

Eunice teaches for Robert Burns Memorial. Catch it now on BBC Iplayer!!!!


Join Eunice as she embarks on a journey with six Scottish pupils from various regions of the country, teaching oot in Ayr at The Robert Burns Memorial.  Find out what the kid's felt, loved and laughed about as we celebrate our Scottishness!!!!  

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Eunice Olumide: My fav press and behind the scenes pics xxx

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Eunice Olumide nominated for Model of The Year for SFA and Vogue

Eunice and Rankin: Nominated for Model of The Year

Eunice featured in British Vogue LFW 2012/13 GFW/ECA

Eunice at New York Fashion Week: NVTV China

Eunice and Chrisopher Kane: Nominee's

Eunice Attend's Rankin's Hunger Magazine Launch

Eunice on Vogue TV Lovebox Noki's NHS Kim Howell

Eunice on BBC 3

Cover of The Evening News

Eunice is an official guest at the first ever London Men's Collection 

Eunice on The Cover of London Fashion Week Daily

Eunice Olumide in Dazed and Confued

Model of The Moment feature in Passionate Hub

Eunice on the Cover of sabotage Film newspaper

Eunice Olumide featured in Dazed and Confused

Eunice Olumide and Hugh Grant at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Eunice in The Scotsman Top Ten

Eunice featured in Scotsman top 10

Eunice Olumide featured alongside Julia Roberts in The Drum

African Article on Eunice Olumide and Oluchi

Fashion Fun ;) x

Eunice featured alongside Alexa Chung & David Gandy

Eunice has a featured role in BBC's Garrows Law

Eunice on the red carpet
with Nathalie Colin Swarovsky Creative Director

Red carpet with david Gandy

Red Carpet with Henry Holland

Eunice featured on the cover of the Daily Telegraph, article by Hilary Alexander

Eunice in Vogue

Eunice, Model of the Year Nominee is watched by a host of celebs
including the priministers wife!

Eunice wears £150K Swarovsky Coture Dress

Eunice is featured with Bumi Koko

Eunice on The Hour

Eunice on BBC1 News

Eunice and Brian Cox

Eunice in OK Magazine

Eunice in No.1 and The Herald Magazine

Eunice in Complete Fashion

Eunice featured in Ireland

Eunice in The Daydreamer

Eunice in Dazed and Confused

Eunice featured in French Factice Magazine

Eunice on cover of London Fashion Week daily, Alexa Chung

Eunice in Universal

Eunice for Edinburgh College of Art Press Call

Eunice featured on Fashion Finest

Eunice in Hello and I-on

Valentines Headlines! 

Eunice in The Sun

Eunice and Gok Wan

Eunice and Myleene Klass

Eunice on the cover of The Scotsman

Eunice for Top Shop

Eunice and Robert Carlyle

Eunice and Jack Black

Eunice works with Brad Pitt

Eunice featured in Vogue with Graeme Black

e:1 is featured for the first time

Eunice and N-Dubz's Dappy behind the scenes at The MOBO Awards

Eunice in The Scotman

Eunice and Rangers player El Haji Douif

Eunice and Colin Macreedie

Eunice works for Vogue top talent and Hall of Fame Graeme Black

Eunice in Edinburgh College of Art Prosepectus

Eunice Press Call Stars of Scottish Fashion

Eunice in re:Fresh

Eunice featured at London Fashion Week

Eunice and Jordan aka Katie Price

Eunice in man About Town

Eunice for Harris Tweed Press Call

Eunice for Joyce Paton

Eunice in Scottish Wedding Magazine feature

Eunice on the cover of The Herald

Eunice in ID Magazine

Eunice in The Times

Eunice on the cover of The Scotsmans Pulse

Eunice on the cover of Impulse

Eunice at John varvasos new York Fashion Week
with Desperate Housewives Star

Eunice sign's autographs in London

Eunice in Share it

Eunice in Audry Hepburn feature

Eunice feature's for Herriot Watt University

Eunice and Grace Jones

Eunice is the face of The Rutland

Eunice for One 9Ja Boy

Eunice in Punch Africa

Eunice is the face of NKWO

Eunice, Markus eagleton, Nieve jennings and Howie Nicholby
at Swarovsky, Nominated in No.1's top 100

Eunice and first minister Alex Salmond

Eunice attends the opening of Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Eunice featured in Italy

Eunice featured at Scottish Supermodel

Eunice at the airport!!!