Monday, 18 June 2012

Eunice in British Vogue!

It is alway's a pleasure to be featured in Vogue Magazine or  I am honoured blushes*xxxx

See all the best designer's from Graduate Fashion Week here:

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London Collections: Showcasing the Best in British Menswear

 I was absolutely ecstatic to receive my personal invitation to London Collection’s Men this weekend.  I have to admit in all my fashion years I have never actually attended a fashion show or week that is aimed exclusively at showcasing Men’s wear designers talents.  LFW for men included such designers as Paul Smith, Saville Row, Burberry, Tom Ford and Spenser Hart to mention just a few!  It was just as you can imagine, spectacular, and I just have one request from me and on behalf of all fashion lover everywhere; please, please, please let there be an extended Men’s Fashion week this S/S 2013!!!!!!  

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Hunger Magazine and Seventh Man Launch Parties!

It was such a hectic weekend, what with London Collection's Men showcasing the Best of British Fashion.  I did have time to attend not only the Seventh Magazine Launch  but also Rankin's private Hunger Party before the GQ dinner afterparty! xxxxx


Last year I was lucky enough to model for the amazing JJ Noki at the first ever fashion show for London's hottest summer festival, which opened up for Grace Jones herself.  As well as DJing it was one of the best laughs I have ever had at a music festival.  Unlike other events it is not full of posers--- but genuinely amazing and talented Londoner’s and people from all over the world, with the wildest and wackiest fashion! 
So anyway, Yes, I did say Grace Jones.  Yes as in 007 Grace Jones.  Might I just say, Grace is actually the most spectacular performer I have ever seen.  I literally cannot describe to you how amazing she is.  We became very good friends and she often gives me words of encouragement which I treasure dearly.  No pics from backstage I am afraid she just wasn’t up for it.  I do have some from last year so will add them as soon as I have a sec!  Shaka Khan as well as Naz were some of the other big names at the festival this year.  

The show was styled by fabulous fashionista and stylist Kim Howells, who works with another favourite artists of mine Skin!
Grace and Shaka, I love you!  Stay strong you are both empresses!!!!!

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The Box!

Ok, leave to one side everything you've ever known about traditional clubbing, felt, seen, experienced, loved and hated.  If you could combine every single crazy night you had ever had that might just give you a wee tiny hint at the mind blowing, absolutely out of this world experience that is offered by London's most exclusive party spot.  I have attended The Box now on several occasions the last time being in February for Vivienne Westwood’s after party.  This Friday I was invited along by a dear friend (thee most stunningly beautiful man) who will remain nameless as he is very media shy.  Along with its usual enticing, thrilling and explicit features there was something particularly brilliant about how much this places forces you to deal with reality.  Yes I am talking about a night club.  To answer your question, yes The Box does exist.  Brace yourselves for a new generation!!!!!

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The Last Peice of The Puzzle!

Had a great session in a friends recording studio!  Such an intimate environment works well for those of-the-top-of-the-head musical moments of a master piece in the making! xxxx

My current album is out now @HMV and I-Tunes and is an amalgam of conscious hip hop, dub step and reggae! For more info check out the links at the bottom of this page!


Awards, casting's shoots and catching up with Christopher Kane!

Scotland to me has one of thee most dynamic and innovative histories in the world and it is also one of my most favorite places to be!  This week was absolutely hectic with awards ceremonies, castings, shoots and studio work.    The best bit of it all was catching up with the amazing Christopher Kane!  The last time I saw him was at London fashion Week, with my BB designer JJ Noki.  Noki's NHS is all about regenration and he has shown his collection worldwide.  The night felt like a Scottish take over and I was also featured in LFW Daily!  Feel free to browse through the pictures below xxxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Black and White Spider Awards 2012!

After a full week of work including fourteen shows and three photo shoots it has been a particularly fantastic week!  Had a wee Saturday night out on the town with the girlies so today I was definitely just resting!  On the way up to mum's for Sunday lunch I though I might quickly log on to my facebook and twitter accounts.  You can imagine my surprise when I found out that a portrait that I shot a while back had been nominated for the prestigious Black and White Spider Awards

The photograph was taken by French photographer Gregoire Mayer and in the past other portraits to have been nominated have included a menagerie of people, places and artists, embracing new and the old including an incredible portrait of Iggy Pop!  

The completion is judged by industry professionals such as David Clarke (Tate Gallery), Anita Dammer (Photo Life Magazine) and Stephen Toner (Exit Magazine) to mention but a few!  So well done Greg fantastic work and hope to work together soon!

Eunice Olumide, David Gandy & Alexa Chung!

It is always a wee treat to find one's self pictured alongside some of the top names in fashion!  Dolce & Gabbana model David Gandy, presenter Alexa Chung and a host of other celebrities will be in town for the awards tomorrow night!  It is the hottest ticket in town xxxx