Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Eunice Olumide, Richard Wilson and Anthony Fawcett have afternoon tea!


It was during thee most hectic fashion week that I’ve had forever, that I bumped into Richard Wilson with my good friend Anthony Fawcett (auto biographer, PA and best friend to the legendary John Lennon and Yoko Ono) who has now dubbed me his new ‘Muse’.

Eunice Olumide & Richard Wilson

I had just finished an early DJ set at one of London’s most exclusive hot spots and private member’s bars and was headed to meet the boy’s at the exquisitely fabulous Sketch.  We sat down at a lovely wee centre table where we indulged in some marvelous beverages accompanied by the famous club sandwich!  Among so many of this artists fantastic achievements his permanent installation at the Saatchi Gallery is quite simply one of thee most enigmatic and charismatic pieces of work that is capable of luring in the unsuspecting viewer into a heroic illusion.  In fact, the piece is so engaging that it is inevitable that you will be both enchanted and perplexed by its unique yet insightful but still sincere nature.   When you look at this masterpiece from a distance it has an almost holographic effect, and we are exposed to the most delectable pool and space that encompasses truly stunning architecture.  It is in fact a tributary of oil!  Not to give too much more away, it is definitely something that when you are in town you will find irresistible and tremendously awe-inspiring.  Perfect for Afternoon tea!  China, Beijing,  and  at our very own Edinburgh Festival! This is a must see experience . . . .

Richard has worked all over the world and has had a fantastic career with his work being exhibited everywhere from the Tate Modern, to the Lodger in Valeria Belvedere, Milan as well as the Butterfly, Platform

Check out all the information you need on Richard Wilson’s work directly on the Saatchi Gallery Website here: http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/

Article by Eunice Olumide, epp4uandme@googlemail.com, www.epp4u.co.uk

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Behind the scenes at LFW 2012/2013

This LFW has been soooo much fun!  Absolutely exhausted from castings, shows and showroom work but it has been a blast.  One of the best highlights was the Vivienne Westwood show and after party which was thee best and most intoxicating, decadent affair.  I only wish I was allowed to use my camera or smart phone to take more pic's but unfortunately it was all a wee bit 'hush hush' this year.  Vivienne had her afterparty at 'The Box' Soho, and I have to admit that I cannot even begin to describe how magnificent the event was, once again no cameras' allowed!!!!!  Been hanging out with my BBF Anthony Fawcett who has dubbed me his new muse, which is terribly exciting.  Still a few day's to go, wish me luck and forgive the terrible pic of me, it's the only one I have for now.  All my love eunice aka cece xxxxxx 


Friday, 10 February 2012

Top Shop and Prestonfeild Golf Course

One casting down in Glasgow, then wizzing back to Edinburgh for a fashion shoot for the Evening News!  I arrived at the location and was thoroughly impressed with the absolutely amazing view, service and of course coffee shhhhh!  I was immediately ushered in and took a seat at a real log wood fire while sipping a connoisseur delight from silver dinning wear!  

The photo shoot was fantastic and I have to say the Prestonfield golf course and private mansion house was pretty amazing too!  See the pic's in The Evening News Monday 13 February 2012 xxxxxx

Article by Eunice Olumide, epp4uandme@googlemail.com, www.epp4u.co.uk

Marcel Theroux, Yes it is Louie Theroux's brother!

Ok so it's been theeeee longest day ever, back and forth from Scotland to England and working doing interviews and also a wee bit aye transcription for The Review Show.  To my absolute delight I had the honour of hanging out with my most favourite arguably odd journalistic broadcasters brother.  Just like Louis Theroux his brother Marcel had the same modest and uncertain but typically British A-sexual style.  Not to mention their identical and uncanny resemblance for one another - that is apart from the glasses! 

Talented beyond all belief Marcel Theroux was a true gentleman!  His new book 'Far North' is a must have and is on sale now at reputable book stores and Amazon! p.s do not laugh at my journo outfit!!!!! you wee cheekies ;) xxxx

Article by Eunice Olumide, epp4uanme@googlemail.com, www.epp4u.co.uk

'Harry Potter and secret entrance at Kings Cross'!

So am dashing from the tube, galloping up the completely unessential stairs, and into King's Cross main station!  Phew what a hectic day after a photo shoot, two castings, lunch at Gwyneth Paltrow's new place, and my bbf's birthday bash it all got a wee bit hectic!  So I get to the station and I've got fifteen minutes to spare, puuuuuuurrrrffffeect ;)  Now for those of you who are familiar with Kings Cross station in central London, you will also know just how busy it can get, so the last thing I expected was to be confronted with a disappearing and reappearing entrance and exit?!  Its's all gone a bit Harry Potter!!!!!

Yep as you may have already guessed filming for the new Harry Potter film 'Deathly Hallows - Part2' is in full swing, the film will be out on July the 15th! xxxx

Article by Eunice Olumide, epp4uandme@googlemail.com, www.epp4u.co.uk

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Eunice Olumide: e:1 in Papercut USA!

e:1 'Monie' S/S 2013 Debut Womenswear Collection

Absolutely an honor to have my design's published along with me in Papercut USA!   

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Clothing: e:1 'Monie' S/S Debut collection by Eunice Olumide, 
Model: Eunice @Colours/AMQ, Make up: JayMillar, 
Hair: Supplied by Colleen @Culture Lounge, 
Hair Stylist Laura Toon  and e:1 Assistant Stylist Laura Villaneva 
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