Wednesday, 28 May 2014

News just in! Excited to be Hosting & Presenting The Berwick Film Festival

Common Weal: A Vision for a Better Scotland

Common Weal is an emerging movement which is developing a vision for economic and social development in Scotland:

A Black Bride? Well I say, just not on the cover.

I recently instigated a series of bridal shoots after being concerned that darker skinned models are most marginalised in the areas of bridal wear and hair with in the industry. After tweeting an images via instagram I recieved the following messages from not black or Aftican women but Caucasian stating her delight at seeing a dark skinned model in a mainstream bridal magazine. What was most facinating was that she had completely confirmed and highlighted the purpose behind the shoot completely and that there is obviously a fundamental issue with the UK as far as the representations of black women in the media. Let me know your thoughts, comment or tweet me!