Saturday, 17 December 2011

Latest Cover Africa: Eunice in Complete Fashion

As soon as I stepped of the plane I knew I was in another world. . . .   The sights, sounds and smells were transfixing.  I was swept of my feet and rushed to the location for the first of a two day shoot!  I arrived to find the whole team in place, as well as actress Stephanie Okereke who was in make up for her shoot.  Everything was so beautifully colourful and vintage, and the surroundings where vibrant and effervescent.  Thee most exquisite delight!  Definitely one of my favourite shoots to round of 2011 xxxx


Sunday, 11 December 2011


Noir#10 'A Christmas Affair'
In Aid of Homestart Edinburgh

The event was held at the artistically seductive Summerhall in Edinburgh.  It was a fantastic day of designers, distinguished ladies, gentlemen, families and delicatessens; all in one delightful dose!  Noir 10 was held in aid of Homestart Edinburgh, which trains volunteer's to help support families throughout Scotland. 

I arrived to a generously warm and welcoming entrance, your senses are instantly titillated with the glorious array of fantastic foliage and flowers!  I headed up the stairwell to the Mainhall and Fashion Market, which was a wash with fantastic garments and pieces from a selection of the finest milliners in Scotland including Jane Davidson, Harris Tweed, Joyce Paton, 21 Century Kilt and Godiva boutique.  The Bone Library was an amazing place to spend the day.  It was an ornately decorated room packed full of unique and inimitable pop-up shops, where one could browse and get all the best goodies for Christmas loved ones.  The Anatomy lecture room had an electric atmosphere and offered a selection of live music, poetry and short films.  After a long day of shopping, I headed straight to the Courtyard and then onto the Dissection bar for some mulled wine and tasty treats!

Apart from the fabulous selection of entertainment, refreshments and gift's, the event also featured a full length fashion show choreographed by the amazing Anna Freemantle with designer's  from Edinburgh's College of Art, and hair by Dickson Reid.  All I can say is, I simply cannot wait for the next Noir!  An absolutely lovely day out for all the family and fashionista's alike!

For more information contact Anna Freemantle:

Article by Eunice Olumide

Monday, 28 November 2011

Behind the scenes on the Review Show!

                                The Review Show

It was my first day behind the scenes on the Friday nights fantastic Review Show.  I arrived early in the day to watch the team as they set up for their live broadcast. 

Starting with the edits and cuts that needed to be prepared for the set, I was lead up to the main gallery where we can see everything that is going on in the marvellous world of BBC2! 
 It was all very super sophisticated and exciting.   The panel for Friday's shows consisted of famed and established actress Maureen Lipman,  journalist Sarfraz Manzoor, the acclaimed music journalist Paul Moorley and lecturer Sarah Churchwell.  The topics of the show ranged from popular culture to high art and included topical debates surrounding the new film 'My week with Maralyn', the new channel 4 series 'Black Mirror' by script writer, columnist and producer Charlie Brooker.  Jack Kerouak's 'The Sea is My Brother', and the amazing exhibition of Egyptian and Nubian galleries at Oxford's Ashmolean museum, as well as live music ,set the show apart from any others.  The show is presented by television veteran Martha Kearney and air's live every Friday night at 11pm. 


For more information check out the BBC website here:

Article by Eunice Olumide  

Friday, 25 November 2011

The funniest show in town!

MacAulay & Co

I first met Fred at the 100 year anniversary show for Harris Tweed, held in the magnificent and simply mind-blowing natural beauty of Stornoway.  It was an amazing experience and Fred certainly caused a stir.  I had met him previously in the day when we were being kitted out in our kilts and my first impression was; what a nice guy.  So warm, and friendly and on top of that one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.  I remember him on the hit TV series ‘Have I got News for You’ and just thought; what a humble guy.   I got into the studio for Fred's live show at about 10:00am which was broadcast live from the foyer of Pacific Quay 

The atmosphere was buzzing and the studio was packed full of guest anticipating Fred taking to the stage. 

Christopher Brookmyre was one of Fred's first guests with Richard Cadey amazing all of us with his super cool magic, and comedian David Kay who also raised plenty of laughs.  Fred make’s the job look so easy with his charismatic smile and his happy go lucky comedy, that’s great fun for everyone

MacAulay and Co. is a daily magazine show on BBC Radio Scotland, which is broadcast between 10.00am and 11.30am Monday to Friday.  Fred has a different guest presenter each week, and features a range of people including journalists, musicians, comedians and members of the public.. 

Fred MacAulay

To catch up with today' and other show's by Fred please see:

Article by Eunice Olumide epp4uandme@googlemail,com

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Documentary: Dream's of a Life . . . .

When I first heard about the upcoming docu-film 'Dream's of a Life' I literally stopped everything that I was doing.  The story is so powerful that it left me in a dichotomy of loving and fearing it.  It is after all probably every one's worst nightmare: a woman found dead after three year's alone, wrapping paper from Christmas strewn around the room and television still on.  It is a harrowing and unforgettable story of Joyce Vincent, a beautiful and talented singer who died in isolation in her Wood Green flat. 

Joyce Carol Vincent

When she was eventually found three years later, she was completely unrecognisable which lead the director, Carol Morley on a mission to find people who knew her while she was alive.  The tale is so moving and to me teaches us that life is precious and can be taken away at any time.  We must live life and we must love life and one another.  It really is too short to exclude people or let a harsh words settle.  We are all human so let's try to forgive one another rather than hanging onto things that are simply just petty. The film is being released in the UK by independent film makers Dogwoof on December 16.

Official Trailor 'Dream's of a Life' Carol Morley

Please see the following link for your nearest screening:
Article by Eunice Olumide  

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

BBC's Children in Need!

It was a lovely afternoon when I made it into the BBC on the morning of the best event in town!  Is there possibly a more deserving event than Children in Need?  I think not! 

The day kicked off with an amazing team and production crew who put the finishing touches on the in-house TV set that had been specially constructed just for the appeal.  I arrived to the sound of the Bluebell's rehearsing and a plethora of other fantastically talented artists.  Defo the way I like to start the day.

The event itself superseded figures from previous shows and included a host of celebrities and volunteers who donated their time for this very important event including Ed Sheeran, JLS, Jessie J, David Tennant and Fearne Cotton to mention but a choice few. . . . . Phew!   

The beautiful Fearne Cotton

Fashion's finest Gok Wan

Something for the girlies  . .JLS!

Remember it's not too late to donate check out:

Thursday, 27 October 2011


e:1 'monie' 
Debut S/S Collection 2012

Lilias Dress

Moireach Jacket and Skirt

Moireach Jacket &Trousers

One Shoulder Oighrig Dress

Catriona Dress

Cece Dress