Friday, 25 November 2011

The funniest show in town!

MacAulay & Co

I first met Fred at the 100 year anniversary show for Harris Tweed, held in the magnificent and simply mind-blowing natural beauty of Stornoway.  It was an amazing experience and Fred certainly caused a stir.  I had met him previously in the day when we were being kitted out in our kilts and my first impression was; what a nice guy.  So warm, and friendly and on top of that one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.  I remember him on the hit TV series ‘Have I got News for You’ and just thought; what a humble guy.   I got into the studio for Fred's live show at about 10:00am which was broadcast live from the foyer of Pacific Quay 

The atmosphere was buzzing and the studio was packed full of guest anticipating Fred taking to the stage. 

Christopher Brookmyre was one of Fred's first guests with Richard Cadey amazing all of us with his super cool magic, and comedian David Kay who also raised plenty of laughs.  Fred make’s the job look so easy with his charismatic smile and his happy go lucky comedy, that’s great fun for everyone

MacAulay and Co. is a daily magazine show on BBC Radio Scotland, which is broadcast between 10.00am and 11.30am Monday to Friday.  Fred has a different guest presenter each week, and features a range of people including journalists, musicians, comedians and members of the public.. 

Fred MacAulay

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Article by Eunice Olumide epp4uandme@googlemail,com

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