Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Eunice Olumide on Garrows Law!!!!!

I absolutely love to take on new challenges and this is something that acting does so well.  My most recent feature as 'the slave girl' in Garrow's Law has to have been one of thee most remarkable roles I have ever played. Garrow’s Law is a legal drama inspired by the life of 18th century barrister William Garrow and his extraordinary encounters as a pioneer at that time. 

In the 21st century it is not often that we look back at the past and I have to admit that this experience meant I was confronted with many issues of the past and indeed colonialism and its effects on the entire world.  Marcus Garvey said 'a people without the history of their pas knowledge and culture is like a tree without roots' which is something that I truly believe, no matter what your background, culture or even religion!  I also believe that if we don't learn from the past it is easy to make the same mistakes again in the future.  A fantastic programme to be a part of and I am so grateful for the opportunity.  Below are some pictures on the series:

Costume from Pirates of The Carribean

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