Wednesday, 5 December 2012


The Chanel catwalk show could not have been held in anywhere that was as magnificent and spectacular as Linlithgow PalaceI had been there before earlier in the year while playing the role or a slave girl in the BBC's 'Garrows Law',

 so I was prepared for the magnitude of the experience . . . .  The    former residency of Mary Queen of Scots . . . as you can imagine the show was mind blowing .... No expense was spared and all the models and guest were looked after in such opulent elegance . . . .Karl Lagerfeld was such a kind gentleman as always.  I just couldn't ask for a photo ::soz:: and the after party was just magical  . . . . .We were lead down through the back of the castle, serenaded by a troop of bagpipe players, on a crisp and 

truly genuine and angelic Scottish Evening.  We were then lead down a stairwell which was adorned with a million single candles! .  It was simply devine . . .and by now it is the evening so the candels were even more profound to the senses.  I cant say much more as its still all a bit top secret but it was one of thee  best shows of the year ....  Stella, I luv you e xxxxx

Eunice Olumide Chanel 2013 Linlithgow Castle

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