Friday, 17 January 2014

Review: '12 years a Slave'

Ok so I have to admit this is a bit late!  I was absolutely delighted that '12 Years a Slave' picked  up   a  Golden Globe.  How amazing to see this awesome British producer achieve one of the highest accolades in the world for film. Just exceptional. 

Can I just say Brad Pitt you are a legend! I salut you. I didn't even know he was in it. Ok I'm not going to give anything else away in that for now! 

Right so,  when I went to see it  I was thinking about Quentin Tarintino's 'Jango'.  I thought Quentin's film was great because it opened up a dialogue around a topic that is so taboo in a stunning and exciting mise en scene.

Of course that is not to say that I do not understand if Mr. Tarantino may have caused direct offence to some people. Why? Well because any film about a real life story that is so horrific and is then turned into a bit of a comedy (with arguably skewed stereotypes) is probably going to cause some people offence!  I think its just a result of the amalgam of reality and fantasy. 

Anyway back to Brad Pitt and '12 Years A slave', I'm thinking right, I'm going to be able to predict this!  Its either going to be mock or just not on point, or too just too deep. Well I didn't, and it it was mind blowing. It was so completely exceptional.  I actually wanted to commend both the director and the producer and their stunning ensemble for polarising one particulars mans life, the few others he met along his journey, without exposing too much about the previous history leading up to this time, as well as the further 100 years into the future! I mean it was so gripping and thrilling you almost forgot what it was about!? if you want more you'll have to check it out for yourself! 

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