Friday, 25 July 2014

Eunice Olumide: Commonwealth Games Interview with Scottish Heavy weight Gary Cornish


What was it like out there tonight?
I really didn't know what to expect. Started well, I'm a fit guy, between that and the crowd, being here in Scotland, last time we had a crowd like this was at the emirates that was outstanding this crowd today, I can't thank these guys enough, the people, the coaches such a brilliant opportunity.

How have you improved in your career to date?
Four years ago I was just here for experience but now I've shown today I can girt my teeth and bear through it so this year I'm here for a medal!  Today I did the job.  

What does this opportunity mean to you?
Being here the now as an amateur boxer in Scotland, I just hope I can win gold. I've got a wee boy Jacob Joseph and I've been on the road a lot so just to go home and give my son and wife a medal would be amazing. It's all for the best, when he's older I he'll watch this fight back and see his old man. 

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